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【FAQ lists】
・About payment

Regarding the first application, payment will be made on the same day regardless of "use from this month" or "use from next month". From next time, 28th will be the settlement date every month。

We do not provide pro-rated support.

Contract administration fee is charged only for the first time per device.

No additional fees.


【Shipment will be made within 3 days after we receive the order. ※Our office is closed on weekend and public holiday../strong>

We are sending the product by Yu Pack. You will receive the confirmation email after making an order.

・About warranty

If you subscribe to SAKURA Guard or SAKURA Guard Premium, in the event of a spontaneous breakdown of the rental equipment, repairs will be performed without restriction during the contract period, and replacement equipment will be lent out by replacement with the equipment. Please report in case of theft or loss. If there is no notification, compensation will not be applied.

・My page

Please contact us via online form.

You can change your registration information and payment method, or apply for new or additional applications and receipts.

・About application / cancellation / return

It is possible that [your email address is incorrect, your application has not been completed, or your email has not been received due to domain specification] when you entered it. In some cases, such as mobile phones, the domain rejection designation and spam filter may be set in advance in the initial settings. * In that case, please cancel the following two domain rejections in advance. "@" "@" * This will be the domain for replying to your copy of your application or inquiry mail.

Cancellations can be made one week prior by e-mail from the inquiry form on our website. We do not accept cancellations by telephone. The deadline is the 28th of the previous month, so the 21st day of each month will be the cancellation deadline.

For example, if you cancel at the end of January, you can use it until January 28. Please return the unit and USB cable by the end of January. Return package must be trackable. Please understand beforehand. [Return address]: Please inform us of "cancellation" from the inquiry. We will tell you where to return it.

It is not a door-to-door sale, so it is not applied on SAKURAWiFi. Please use the "Full Money Back Guarantee".


Our rental equipment uses the 2.4GHz band. The 2.4GHz band has a bandwidth of only 100MHz, and there are 14 channels, but since channel 14 is unique to Japan, generally only 3 channels can be used simultaneously. Therefore, if the channels are used so that they do not overlap, radio interference will not occur. However, at present, public wireless LANs, companies, and individuals use a large number of channels, causing considerable radio interference. The 2.4GHz band is used for wireless LAN such as IEEE802.11b / g, but is also used for many devices such as home appliances and medical devices. For example, it is a very busy frequency band used for cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, etc. in homes and offices.

Procedure (1) Use a USB cable to connect ARIA2 to a PC. (It is also possible with a smartphone.) Procedure (1) Connect the PC to the Internet with ARIA2 whose settings you want to change. Procedure ? Please access http: //mfi.home/. Procedure ? Login password “admin” After login, you can change it from “Settings”.

【Business hours】09:30-18:30(except weekend and public holidays)

Regarding the monthly data allowance, there are no restrictions apply. However, in the following cases, in order to provide fair communication network for other members, the speed limit (slow down: 128 kpps) may be generated according to the standards set for each region by the judgment of the line source. (1) When the applicant or user makes excessive communication. (2) When a huge amount of data is consumed in an extremely short period of time, or when abnormal communication volume is considered. (3) When a carrier determines that traffic is an abnormal value or an illegal use, such as generating a large amount of communication for a certain period of time in P2P communication etc. and affecting the use of other users. When performing heavy communication such as video streaming, online games, VOIP, and FTP. Data traffic is reset on the 1st of every month. In addition, we do not provide services for alternative machines (the equipment you are using is a replacement model that can respond when a speed limit occurs).

Email notification may arrive due to the specification. Notice content "We will charge you for maintaining the normal speed." There are no additional charges for customers.